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What it really takes to be seen and casted with Executive Producer of Big Apple Circus

Our recent Offstage guest is the Executive Producer for the Big Apple Circus and Artistic Director for Circus Flora!

From left, Andrea Murillo, Storm Marrero and Kyle Driggs at the Big Apple Circus in Manhattan. Photo Credit: Jeenah Moon for The New York Times

Jack Marsh spent most of his early years performing in the circus, later he decided to leave the entertainment world to become a corporate lawyer just to realize that his true passion brought him right back to the world he grew up in. He is now the Artistic Director of Circus Flora and the Executive Producer of Big Apple Circus. In this insightful discussion Jack shares so many key insights about the entertainment world from the production angle. We talk about:

“Don't assume everyone will just find you, no matter how talented you are. Feel free to reach out -- to me and other producers. Have a video of your full act, preferably in a variety of performance spaces” - Jack Marsh

Sneak peek

Make sure you watch this full Offstage series to get a better understanding of our industry and what it really takes to be seen and casted!

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