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Aerial Straps Queen of Kooza shares how she landed her dream job

Learn how dedication helped this artist land her dream job in Cirque Du Soleil's production of KOOZA

Haley Viloria did not start training until she was 17. Before that time she had no background or prior experience in the performing arts. She built a successful career and has performed in 2 Cirque Du Soleil productions, traditional traveling circus shows, and has became an acrobatic and artistic director for Celebrity Cruises.

Watch our discussion to learn:


The Queen of Kooza, Cirque Du Soleil (Haley Viloria on Aerial Straps) Understand what type of motivation helps the skill building process, how an artist needs to adapt to the ever changing environment of show business and what self promotion methods help Haley to get discovered by productions worldwide - All of that and so much more in our complete Offstage interview right here!

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See you Offstage!

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