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Chicago Handstand Workshop with Award winning Artist

MSA's Guest Coach Lkhagva Ochir

MSA is excited to once again present an amazing opportunity to learn from the best. Handstand enthusiasts had a chance to work with MSA's guest coach Ochir on perfecting their balance techniques during our booked-out Handstand Workshop. (Waitlisted students, cheer up - we will be bringing more training events soon;)

Ochir is world-renowned hand-balancer holding awards from some of the world's most prestigious competitions including Gold trophy from International Circus Festival in Ha-Noi Vietnam, Bronze trophy for contortion art and balancing act Monte Carlo International Youth Circus Festival and Silver trophy from Golden Festival di Liana Orfei in Roma, Italy. Ochir is Currently performing in Cirque du Soleil KOOZA.

Lkhagva Ochir

During the few days off while the show is resetting in the new city, Ochir traveled to Chicago to host his Handstand Workshop at MSA.

In the two hour workshop students drilled proper foundation of a hand-stand, learned techniques Ochir uses to build strength, learned about handstand related flexibility all while emphasizing on proper body position and alignment.

A fun training tactic Orchir presented is how two people can benefit from training together. Students learned how to safely spot one another during strength exercises, which Orchir referred to as 'cardio building.' This exercise is not only beneficial for the partner being spotted in the handstand but also for the spotter, increasing shoulder strength!

The event concluded with a short on-the-spot performance improv by Orchir - demonstrating some of his signature moves to our students!

Here are a few previews from the evening

We look forward to welcoming Ochir back to MSA soon!

Couldn't make it to the training event? Make sure to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when we host another one.

Learn from the best exclusively at MSA a& Circus Arts

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