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Demo and QA session from Circus Vazquez award winning and international artists at MSA

MSA Circus students with artists from Circus Vazquez

Take a glimpse of our recent event where MSA youth students personally met international artists, had a chance to ask questions during live Q & A session, and took the front seat to watch an exclusive demo.

We sat around on our circus ring to watch up close Reyes Juggling duo manipulate clubs, make rings look like they're floating, and extraordinary hula hoop abilities from Ukranian artist - Olha Rezekina.

About our special guests


From Chile, the Reyes Brothers Juggling Act. MSA & Circus Arts students got a chance to enjoy a true classic!

With a lifetime of training —they started practicing when they were seven— and an iron discipline of hours of daily practice.

During their journey around the world, they learned different languages, such as English and Portuguese. Now, on our American tour with Circus Vazquez.


(Olha Rezekina represented the troupe with her hula hoop performance)

Formed in 1996 in Kiev, Ukraine by Irina German, Bingo Troupe is a world-renowned team of circus and variety performers.

For 27 years, the Bingo style has conquered the public and juries in iconic places such as the Monte Carlo Circus Festival, the famous Roncalli Circus in Germany, the Royal Palace in France, and now the Circus Vazquez stage.

Iryna is not only Bingo’s talented choreographer but also teaches at the Kiev circus school, where some of the troupe come from—others have more of a sporting background—and their age ranges from 16 to 24 years.

They have won numerous prominent circus awards, such as the Festival International Du Cirque Monaco and the Festival International Du Cirque De Monte-Carlo.


We are thrilled to provide this amazing opportunity to inspire and educate young aspiring artists. Big Thank You to the Reyes Brothers, Olha Rezekina, and Luva Vazquez for stopping by!

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