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December Fundraiser for Our Latest Project Circus On Demand


At this time of uncertainty, MSA & Circus Arts is working hard to adapt to the disruption in the regular training environment by creating an online platform to help aspiring artists and circus enthusiasts worldwide to continue their training in the safety and comfort of their homes.

In the effort to make content accessible to everybody and aid students with financial struggles during this time all of our classes are free. Proceeds from our fundraiser campaign will benefit the professional artists, our featured trainers, who have suffered job loss due to COVID-19 pandemic by providing them financial support as well as aid our production costs expanding our library to continue to support aspiring artists with accessible quality training.

Besides producing high quality content form world-class professionals we are creating an online space where people can connect with their training buddies or other like-minded students for support and motivation and establish a routine for a healthy physical and mental wellbeing.

Circus On Demand Mission

Our mission is to produce high quality classes that offer students more than just skill training. To become a successful artist it takes more than a perfect act, some of the world's most respectable performers will teach self-branding, contracts, circus etiquette, even give valuable insights of how to achieve that "WOW" effect when creating an act. For the first time ever anyone anywhere will have access to classes taught by the best on demand!

Our instructors are the best! Our growing family has world-class experience working with celebrities and choreographing for major motion pictures and major music tours, numerous Gold Prizes from most prestigious competitions such as the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo; they are Cirque du Soleil Performers, world-renowned act producers, and celebrity personal physical therapists!

Funding Goals

To create one course we need your help to cover production cost, post production editing, rental expenses, marketing and hosting fees that total to $6950. Our goal with this first funding round is to add 5 more courses to our library. We will be able to launch the 5 courses live in 8 weeks after reaching our funding goal! We have an amazing team on standby and five extraordinary artists that can't wait to share their extensive knowledge with aspiring youth!

We need your help to make quality circus arts education accessible to anyone - anywhere. Please donate what you can if you can!

Thank You!

Any amount contributed helps and your support to raise awareness of our campaign will aid greatly to reaching our goal - please share this with your friends and family! We are SO THANKFUL FOR YOUR SUPPORT and love for Circus Arts!

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