Renew your Class Pack!


It's the start of a new month! ALL CLASSES ARE SCHEDULED AS USUAL this month! If you haven’t signed up for classes this month yet, please go online and reserve your spot. Please remember after you register for a session, you must then also sign up for each individual class you plan to attend. This is a temporary step that must be done while we are at reduced capacity for COVID19, both to enforce capacities, and give spots that are not taken to waitlisted students. We really appreciate you taking this extra step.


Are you planning to travel this Thanksgiving to see family? Please bear in mind we have to be extra careful at MSA during COVID19. We remind you that you are required to disclose any traveling outside Chicago even if it is in-state & quarantine for the recommended 14 days before returning to class. We ask you to reach out to Sveta at MSA to manage your classes and purchased packages during that time.

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Other ways to help: 

  • Set your Amazon Smile charity of choice to MSA & Circus Arts

  • Become part of our Resource council learn more here

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